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Signs stating ‘Do not feed the animals’ are ubiquitous in zoos, national parks and urban spaces. However, humans appear to have a deep-seated proclivity to feed other animals.

This project will use thousands of years of evidence to explore the human fascination with feeding animals - and explore the consequences of this feeding for the shared health of humans, other animals and wider environments in the present day.

News and updates

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17th June 2021
Animal feeding in the time of a pandemic: research network meeting report

In May 2021 the From Feed the Birds to Do Not Feed the Animals team held our second research network meeting, this time for our full research network (we’d used the first meeting to pilot our online technologies and collaboration methods so focussed on cats and cat feeding, and engaged research a

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16th June 2021
Animal feeding in the time of a pandemic

As part of our research network meeting in May 2021 we created a YouTube playlist of short films on the subject of animal care and feeding in the time of a pandemic. These films each covered different topics: 

Care and feeding of pets in a pandemic

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26th April 2021
Our first workshop: ‘Have you fed the cat?’

On 18th March, Do Not Feed the Animals held its first collaborative workshop, involving the whole project team and over thirty members of our Research Network.

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