Research network

The DNFTA research network consists of invested academics from across the natural and social sciences and humanities, plus many non-academics with relevant expertise from community, non-governmental, policy and professional organisations in the UK and beyond.

The research network have shaped the project from its inception and continue to work with us as the research progresses. Our integrative, transdisciplinary, engaged research design recognises the input, expertise and views of all our research network members irrespective of discipline and background.

We hold regular meetings with our research network to discuss planning, research design and practice, work in progress, and (ultimately) project outcomes. These meetings draw the project together, allowing us to build trust with stakeholders, share research practice and engage with the wider world.

Between the full network meetings individual members of the research team and research network continue to collaborate on specific elements of the project. See below for a list of our research members. 

Kate Arnold-Foster, University of Reading 

Polydora Baker, Historic England 

Maan Barua, University of Cambridge

Malcom Bennett, University of Nottingham 

David Bullock, Independent 

Sarah Cockram, University of Edinburgh 

Sue Cornwell, National Trust 

Sarah Crowley, University of Exeter

Tom Dando, University of Exeter

Gail Davies, University of Exeter

Sarah Delaney, University of York

Amanda Ferguson, Zoological Society of London 

Judith Green, University of Exeter

Rosie Hails, National Trust 

Hugh Hanmer, British Trust for Ornithology

Sally Holt, Wildwood Trust 

Rachel Hosker, University of Edinburgh 

Samantha Hurn, University of Exeter

Alexandra Jamieson, University of Oxford

Rachel Jennings, Powell Cotton Museum 

Greger Larson, University of Oxford

Inbal Livne, Powell Cotton Museum 

Charlotte MacDonald, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

Wanda McCormick, Hartpury University

Robbie McDonald, University of Exeter

Charlotte Mead, Wildwood Trust 

Terry O'Connor, University of York

Alan Outram, University of Exeter

Kate Plummer, British Trust for Ornithology

Karen Raber, University of Mississippi 

JJ Rawlinson, Annenberg PetSpace

Kate Risely, British Trust for Ornithology 

Karen Sayer, Leeds Trinity University 

Helen Senn, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland

Rhianedd Smith, University of Reading 

Robert Symmons, Fishbourne Roman Palace & Gardens

Nicki Whitehouse, University of Glasgow 

Abigail Woods, University of Lincoln

Nobuyuki Yamaguchi, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu 

Please accept our apologies for any errors or omissions in this list. Our research network is growing so please contact us if you think you should be on here but you're not. Similarly, please contact us if you'd like your name to be removed from this list.