Red kite feeding in Reading

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To better understand the impacts feeding red kites has on the birds, humans, and the environment, researchers at the University of Reading and the University of Roehampton are investigating red kite feeding trends in the town.

The team wants to interview residents who feed red kites to learn about the birds’ health and feeding habits which informs the researchers about conservation efforts, the effects of feeding, and more.

Juliette Waterman, a University of Reading research student, said: “Red kites were extinct in England before they were reintroduced in 1989. Since then, research tells us that Reading loves red kites. A 2015 study estimated that up to one in twenty households said they had fed red kites, meaning more than 140 red kites were fed each day.

“It’s been eight years since that study and we want to know what’s changed since then - are residents still feeding red kites on the same scale? Are people more or less favourable towards red kites now than they were in 2015?

“You can help us answer these questions and find out more about our relationships with red kits by taking part in our survey by clicking here.”

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Juliette Waterman